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Lately my son has been really whiny! Hes about to turn 2 on July 13th and hes never been this whiny before. Hes always good with me. But it seems ever since i got with my new boyfriend hes got to act spoild around me and whine like hes dieing! I come home from work and my boyfriend comes over and he starts fussing for no reason. Could it be jealousy because its always been me and him and now all of a sudden theres three of us? How do i break him from this? He is fine when im gone and hes with my boyfriend ALONE, he doesnt act like that with him but just as soon as i walk back in the door he starts up. Alex says hes spoild around me but i dont spoil my son!!! He doesnt get what he wants when he wants it all the time. So why would he act spoild around me now? ah it gets fustrating...
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