digitalexx (digitalexx) wrote in workingmoms,


Everyone else (day care, both grandmas, etc.) says Paris (19 mos. old) is the easiest thing in the world to put down for a nap. "she's so easy!" "She knows just what to do!" "We never have any problems!" "Right at noon she goes down! It's so great having her!"

WHY THE FREAKING HELL CAN I NOT GET HER TO SLEEP FOR HER NAP BEFORE 4 IN THE EFFIN' AFTERNOON ON THE WEEKENDS?? It's 2:30, she should have gone to sleep at noon, and she's getting crabbier and crabbier but WILL NOT sleep. At my wit's end.

I feel like such a failure, like I have no idea how to get her to sleep but everyone else does. She's my kid. I should know how to get her to sleep.
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